Strategy For Maximizing NFT PROMOTION

Strategy For Maximizing NFT PROMOTION

NFT (non-fungible token) promotion sounds like a buzzword designed by marketers to increase initial sales and interest, but it is a true way for you—the indie developer or influencer—to generate profit from your work. NFTs are non-fungible assets on the blockchain that may be transferred between users. The next wave in marketing is bringing these digital objects into the mainstream, making marketing even more exciting than ever before. The website list is here.

1. What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

NFTs are non-fungible assets that have a certain meaning and value. Examples of non-fungible assets include collectibles such as rare cars, paintings and comic books; gold coins, silver bars, or other forms of precious metal; real estate in Hawaii or Sweden; stamps or bank notes; rare objects such as dinosaur bones, meteorites, and ice core samples.

They can also be used to represent any type of virtual good or service—for example, music tracks for sale on Spotify, videos for sale on YouTube Red, or game levels for sale in SLAVE games.

2. What are the benefits of using NFTs?

NFTs have the potential to attract mainstream consumers and increase market penetration by giving developers and entrepreneurs a greater variety of ways to reward their fans.

3. How much money can indie developers make from NFT promotion?

The total market for non-fungible tokens is projected to be $1 billion by 2018, with about half being generated by newbie developers. The current growth rate for NFT assets is 14% per year, which means that profits could double or even triple in 2018 and 2019, if you are incorporating them into your business model today.

4. How do you send NFTs and receive payments?

You can send NFTs directly to and receive payments from game developers, YouTube creators, Twitch streamers and developers, game studios and any other industry that relays NFTs.

However, the most popular way of using their services is to create your own branded tokens through their services. This can be done by setting up a local or cloud-based service platform on your computer or through a mobile app. When you are ready to undestand more about the platform i have chosen please read the article below: 

5. What are the challenges of using NFTs?

If you want to use NFTs for promotion, you need to consider their limitations and challenges. Most developers and enterprises will require extensive programming knowledge, as well as a working knowledge of blockchain technology, to successfully integrate NFTs into their business models. Also, it is important to be aware of possible security risks with cryptocurrency networks like crypto gaming.

6. How do I value an NFT?

NFTs are valued by users rather than third parties because they function more like collectibles that have different types of value based on user preference or perceived rarity and limited availability. For example, an NFT representing a video game character’s rare weapon might be highly valued by the player who most enjoys that item.

7. What can I do to promote NFTs?

The core strategy for promoting non-fungible tokens is to create a community of people who want to buy and sell them. This requires you to use social media and other forms of digital marketing to seo link building a network of followers and fans who are interested in owning specialized tokens created for their interest areas, like gaming, music or art.

8. What is a Decentralized Exchange Offering?

The DAEX is a platform that will allow users to easily create and trade their NFTs. The platform will be free and open-source, with a focus on security and transparency, to help users preserve custody of their NFTs.

9. How can an indie developer use NFTs to make money?

You can integrate NFTs into your existing products or create new products that use NFTs as a reward for people who purchase them. Remember—the purpose of this is not necessarily the creation or sale of new games or software, but the creation and sale of NFT tokens that represent specific digital items.

10. How do I get involved in NFT promotion?

To begin, you’ll need to learn more about non-fungible tokens and how developers can incorporate them into their products. Non-fungible tokens are currently being used by game developers like PUBG Corp., Ketchapp, and tinyBuild for marketing purposes.

11. How can I get exposure with NFT promotion?

There are two primary ways to capitalize on this trend: by creating new projects that use non-fungible tokens as a reward for buyers, and by marketing your existing games through NFTs. This can be done in any way you want; whether you promote individual items, entire game levels, or even brand new games.

12. What is the best way to sell NFTs?

For most developers and entrepreneurs, the best way to promote NFTs is to create branded tokens that represent specific types of digital goods—for example, virtual in-game items for a video game or digital art for an artist’s online store.


These are exciting times for indie developers who want to capitalize on the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you’re already creating digital goods, you can use NFTs to sell them directly to gamers and consumers.

If you’re in the business of launching your own products, think about how you might incorporate non-fungible tokens into your business model. You can use them as a reward for fans by giving them exclusive items that represent individual parts of a game, an album or even collectibles from the real world—like signed memorabilia from your favorite musicians, paintings by your favorite artists, or rare comic books.

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