Aaj Ka Rahukaal: Know Your Auspicious Time Today!

If you are someone who follows astrology or believes in auspicious timings, then knowing the Rahukaal for the day can be important for you. In Hindu astrology, Rahukaal is considered to be an inauspicious time period during which starting new ventures or important tasks should be avoided. It is believed that any work commenced during this time may not yield the desired results or could face obstacles.

Understanding Rahukaal:

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is one of the nine significant astrological planets or grahas. Rahukaal is associated with the malefic influence of Rahu. It is calculated based on the sunrise and sunset times of a particular location and varies each day. Rahukaal is generally considered to be one-eighth of the total duration between sunrise and sunset.

Calculation of Rahukaal:

The calculation of Rahukaal is a precise process that involves dividing the time between sunrise and sunset into eight equal parts, with one part representing Rahukaal. The time of sunrise and sunset varies each day based on the geographical location. Vedic astrology principles suggest that Rahukaal occurs every day, but the duration and timing change depending on the sunrise and sunset times.

Significance of Rahukaal:

It is believed that during Rahukaal, the malefic effects of Rahu are at their peak, and starting new endeavors or important activities during this time can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Rahukaal is considered inauspicious for activities such as travelling, financial investments, beginning new projects, medical procedures, or major decisions.

Important Points to Remember during Rahukaal:

  • Avoid starting any new venture during Rahukaal.
  • Postpone any important decisions to a more favorable time.
  • Refrain from undertaking journeys during this period.
  • Avoid important financial transactions during Rahukaal.
  • Focus on spiritual activities or meditation during this time.

Finding Rahukaal for Your Location:

To determine the Rahukaal for your specific location, you can use online tools, astrology apps, or consult a professional astrologer. It is essential to know the accurate time of sunrise and sunset for your area to calculate the Rahukaal accurately.

FAQs about Rahukaal:

Q1: Is Rahukaal the same for everyone?

No, Rahukaal timings vary each day based on the sunrise and sunset times of a particular location. It is essential to calculate the Rahukaal based on the specific geographical location.

Q2: Can I perform daily activities during Rahukaal?

While it is advisable to avoid starting new ventures or important tasks during Rahukaal, daily routine activities can be carried out as usual. However, it is recommended to avoid any major decisions or actions during this time.

Q3: How long does Rahukaal last each day?

Rahukaal lasts for approximately one-eighth of the total duration between sunrise and sunset. The exact timing varies each day based on the sunrise and sunset times at a particular location.

Q4: Can I nullify the effects of Rahukaal through remedies?

Some astrological beliefs suggest that performing specific remedies or rituals can help mitigate the negative effects of Rahukaal. Consulting a knowledgeable astrologer for suitable remedies can be beneficial.

Q5: Are there any exceptions to avoiding Rahukaal?

In certain cases, such as emergencies or unavoidable circumstances, it may not be possible to avoid Rahukaal completely. In such situations, focusing on positive energy, mindfulness, and seeking the blessings of higher powers can be helpful.


Understanding Rahukaal and its significance in astrology can provide valuable insights for planning your day effectively. By being aware of the auspicious and inauspicious timings, you can enhance your chances of success and avoid unnecessary obstacles in important endeavors. Remember to use this information as a guide and combine it with your intuition and practical judgment for making informed decisions.

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